Company Name Nagoya Air Catering Company,Limited
Founded March 15,1988
Business Opened October 1,1988
  • 1-1 Centrair Tokoname City, Aichi
  • TEL (0569)38-7900
  • FAX (0569)28-7910
  • MAP
Capital 100 million yen
  • Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd,
  • Meitetsu lnuyama Hotel Co.,Ltd.,
  • Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.,
  • All Nippon Airways Co.,Ltd.
Main Activities

  • 1 Processing and loading of in-flight meals.
  • 2 Sales of tobacco and alcohol for in-flight services
  • 3 Warehousing business
  • 4 Other related businesses


Attention being paid to the enviroment and security practices

The processing kitchen operates with importance placed on being environmentally friendly and has energy conservation and recycling measures. Raw garbage is processed sanitarily by disposers. Full security measures are taken.
There is fingerprint identification for employee entrances and, within the building, the use of ID cards to restrict room entrance at unauthorized area.

Overview of the Factory Site
Site Area about 10,000㎡
Building Area about 6,200㎡
Gross Floor Area about 16,000㎡
Building Structures 3-storied steel buildings
Maximum Procuctivity about 15,000 meals a day
Average Procuctivity about 10,000 meals a day


Close to the train staion and Centrair -within 10 minutes walking  distance!

  • 1-1 Centrair Tokoname City, Aichi
  • TEL (0569)38-7900
  • FAX (0569)38-7910

Transport and directions to Centrair

By Car
Centrair is 35km south of central Nagoya, linked directly to the motorway (Nagoya Expressway, Chita Peninsula Road and Centrair Line). It takes about 40 minutes from Nagoya and easily accessible from all major cities in the Central Japan.
By Train
A regular train service operated by Nagoya Railroad between Meitetsu Nagoya Station and Central Japan Internatioal Airport Station. The fastest option, with a journey time of 28 minutes to Centrair.
By Boat
High-Speed Boats are available from Tsu / Matsusaka Port to Centrair.
For further details , please visit the Central Japan International Aireport Co.,Ltd webiste.


Directions from Airport Station to Nagoya AirCatering Co.,Ltd.

  1. Airport Sation
  2. 2nd Floor Arrival Lobby To the 1st Floor by the elevator.
  3. 1st Floor Lobby Exit and please turn left.
  4. Pedestrian Crossing Please turn left at [4]
  5. Pedestrian Crossing Please cross over at [5] and turn right
  6. Traffic Lights Please turn left before the lights at [6]
  7. Nagoya Air Catering

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any inquiries about Nagoya Air Catering Co,. Ltd., such as in-flight meal catering information, business transactions information.

Telephone Number : 0569-38-7905
Business Hours : 9:00 - 18:00  (Open 365 days a year)
Email :