In-flight Meals sales / Franchise store management

You can enjoy our food and service not only in the sky but also on the ground.

Selling "frozen in-flight meals" that can be enjoyed at home

The frozen in-flight meals that is produced by only one catering company which is producing in-flight meals in Central Japan International Airport are newly developed products that incorporate the recipes and cooking methods used in in-flight meals so that you can enjoy air travel at home.  We have a wide selection of products developed by arranging popular in-flight menus, as well as ingredients harvested in the warm climate of the Chita Peninsula. In order to make it easy for you to enjoy the "extraordinary pleasure" of in-flight meals at home, we manufacture them by hand with our thoughts. You can purchase it from the online store below, so please enjoy it.

We operate the "Komeda Coffee Shop Centrair Store" in the airport passenger terminal building.

In Sky Town on the 4th floor of Central Japan International Airport Terminal 1, we operate "Komeda Coffee Shop Centrair Store" as a franchise store. The Komeda coffee shop in the airport passenger terminal building is the first in any airport building in Japan. There are about 100 seats, and terrace seats with a panoramic view of the terminal are also available. In addition, the interior of the store is studded with ingenuity to create an airport-like feel. We are developing services not only for on board passengers but also for airport guest so that we can deliver smiles to our customers.