The Development / Facility introduction

The Development

Since we started business at Komaki Airport (the prefectural Nagoya Airport), we have been providing services without taking a day off.

In 1975 Start in-flight meal coordination at airport restaurant of Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel.
In 1979 Established specific space for in-flight meals coordination
In 1986 Implemented in-flight meals factory at Oguchi cho, Niwa gun.
In 1988 Established Nagoya Air Catering Co., Ltd.
In 1988 Succeeded the business of in-flight meals from Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel
In 1992 New factory implemented at Komaki Airport (the prefectural Nagoya Airport),
In 2004 New factory implemented at Central Japan International Airport
In 2005 Moved all of department to Central Japan International Airport and start operation

Facility introduction

The environment of earth and the security are considered as importance of our facilities.

Our facilities are based on the concept of "coexistence with the environment" and are compatible with energy conservation and recycling, and we have introduced a recycling water system that hygienically treats food waste with a disposer, cleans wastewater from the facility, and reuses it for toilet flushing. In terms of security, we have a thorough system in place.  We implement safe and secure security measures that comply with the safety standards of each airline.

Provision Details・Capability
Site space Approx. 10,000 Square meters (m2)
Building space Approx. 6,200 Square meters (m2)
The amount of floor space Approx. 16,000 Square meters (m2)
Structure Reinforcing bar, Three floors
Maximum capable production Approx. 15,000 meals / day
Average capable production Approx. 10,000 meal / day