Menu planning & Product

We have the capacity to prepare about 15,000 meals a day, and we are actively working on menu development.

Keeping up providing safety and delicious in-flight meals

The facility has advanced sanitation facilities and their management systems. The hot kitchen is equipped with an exhaust system integrated into the ceiling. Refrigerators and freezers in each department are kept at a constant temperature at all times by a centralized temperature monitoring system. The various types of tableware, which depends on the airline, are all managed in a fully automatic tableware storage. The special cooking method unique to in-flight meals creates a freshly prepared deliciousness even after a long time.

We direct air travel fulfilling with the development of new menus.

The Menu Planning Group is actively engaged in the development and research of new menus.  People's tastes differ greatly between being on a plane at 10,000 meters above the ground, where the atmospheric pressure is low, and on the ground. With that in mind, we are proposing a menu that allows passengers to enjoy air travel. We will produce air travel with a wide variety of menus from around the world based on the characteristics of each airline, as well as menus that you can enjoy Japanese culture and seasonal ingredient.

Consideration unique to in-flight meals

Unlike restaurants on the ground, in-flight meals require a lot of consideration. We develop our menus with an emphasis on safety and consideration that is unique to in-flight meals, such as devising presentations so that they can be transported smoothly without losing their shape, obtaining Halal certification and selecting ingredients according to religious precepts, and devising menus that can be enjoyed with reassurance even by passengers with allergies.