Food hygiene / Quality management

In order to provide safe and secure in-flight meals, we have introduced a HACCP system and have obtained ISO certification.

We check the entire process to protect the safety of food.

In order to achieve international food safety standards, we have introduced a HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) to prevent food deterioration by controlling the temperature of the entire process from receiving raw materials to preservation, cooking, storage, serving, and loading. The room temperature in the kitchen is always kept at a temperature that does not adversely affect the food, and hygiene equipment such as air showers, disinfectants at toilet exits, and automatic doors linked to each other are fully equipped to protect food safety.

We have acquired the international standard "ISO9001" for quality assurance and thoroughly manage hygiene.

In September 2003, we obtained the international qualification "ISO9001".  In order to provide safe and secure in-flight meals and accurate loading services, we are working on strict food hygiene management. We have an in-house laboratory in the facility to inspect in-flight meals and pay close attention to ensure food safety. In addition, we regularly hold hygiene seminars to raise awareness of food hygiene.

We have acquired IOS/IEC17025.

In May 2019, we obtained ISO/IEC17025 certification from PJLA, a global authority in the United States. This international standard certifies internationally reliable testing facilities in terms of both quality and management related to food hygiene inspections such as microorganisms that cause food poisoning, and has been acquired through rigorous audits through the acquisition of a wealth of knowledge and training in reliable inspection work.
The inspection report with the certification symbol issued by our company certifies the safety of the food handled not only by us but also by the restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, and other companies that have undertaken the inspection, and can be widely appealed to society.